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Leicester is one of Britain’s most up and coming tourist spots, steeped in history, culture and entertainment, it makes the perfect holiday, student city or hometown.

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Leicester Info is here to give you a quick and simple guided tour of all you need to know about the great city. From the discovery of Richard III to Leicester FC we’ve got the info you need to get to know Leicester a little better.

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Leicester Info is here as your quick and thorough guide to the city of Leicester! With information on everything from Roman ruins to future city renovations we’re here to give you the facts and figures of the beautiful city. If you have any further enquiries, please contact us!

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  • History

    A Brief History of the Ancient City

    Leicester is fast becoming a historical landmark for Britain. Following the discovery of Richard III’s body in a council car park, the city has been a hive of activity and interest.

    A study by archaeologists from the University of Leicester has shown that the King was buried without ceremony, the grave being dug at an awkward angle and the body not being arranged. The study has also given historians further evidence of how the king died and how he lived his life.

    The discovery of Richard III’s body has led to a great economic boost in Leicester, being one of the biggest historical finds in decades, it has secured the city a place on the list Britain’s tourist hot spots.

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  • Day and Night in Leicester

    Leicester is a cultural melting pot, meaning the variety of entertainment it has to offer is astounding!

    Whether you’re looking for a boutique, alternative or big budget shopping experience, Leicester offers it all. Haymarket Shopping Centre offers a shop-till-you-drop visit whilst St Martin’s lane gives a more relaxed and kooky trip.

    For cultural nighttime entertainment, Leicester has a variety of cinemas, theatres and music venues. Phoenix Square is a cool independent cinema, offering a chilled out evening, whilst Kilworth House Theatre hosts a classier event.